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Workout with no worries. Parents, these gyms have you and your little ones covered.

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Benefits of gyms with childcare / daycare

Busy parents have no time to spare.  Whether your kids are newborns, toddlers or teens, the day-to-day of keeping them happy, healthy and fed is a full time job itself. Where does one find the time to workout then? Well, it's a top reason why I built this site: to find a gym with childcare. I selfishly want to hit the weights often, with an added bonus of my daughters playing and learning in trusted care.
  • Workout with no worries: your kids are just a few steps away. Gyms dedicate a separate space for play, conveniently in the same building as your weights, cardio, pool and more. Nothing beats an energetic and recharging class or workout, and walking a few feet to pick up your child.
  • Kids get a break too:  gyms often stock these areas with bright, fun learning experiences. We've seen playhouses, activities, toys and more to keep children entertained. Some chains (like California Family Fitness) go above and beyond—kiddie pools and splash areas like a waterpark!
  • Everybody wins: parents get a long-needed workout, kids get to experience a fun, entertaining environment.

What gyms have childcare / daycare?

Not many. Here's the breakdown:

Pricier gyms that have childcare include Bay Club, Life Time and Equinox. Mid-priced chains like Crunch, Chuze, EoS, Gold's, LA Fitness & VASA also offer the amenity.

24 Hour Fitness DOES NOT have childcare! (as of January 2024)

It's important to understand that different gym chains have different focused amenity sets:

  • Boutique fitness chains/country clubs are the highest priced gym offerings, and often have a gigantic amenities list. They are Bay Club, Life Time and Equinox, and these gyms absolutely offer childcare as part of their fitness-as-a-lifestyle approach.
  • Mid-priced gym options ($30 to $50+ monthly) also offer childcare, as they have a larger square-footage footprint to accommodate the dedicated kid-space. These are chains like Crunch, Chuze, EoS, Gold's and VASA, and previously 24 Hour Fitness.
  • Finally, chains like Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness—on the more inexpensive $9.99 and $19.99 spectrum—don't offer childcare as it's an expensive amenity that would drive up monthly membership costs. Check out the summary of gym chains below. We have the exact list you won't find anywhere else.

Well, why don't they have childcare?

Many different reasons. The most common that we've seen? Cost. But, click into each gym chain above and we talk about their specific reasons why (not).

Tell me about childcare at gyms

Childcare/daycare services vary wildly between different chains. What specific amenities are available generally depends on the positioning and pricing tier of the gym. Here's what we mean:
  • High end price = High end offerings:  Country club and boutique gyms go all out. Looking for a gym that has dance, martial arts or gymnastic lessons? Life Time is worth a look. They're taking the approach of enhanced learning and development for your little ones, with offerings like sensory & story time settings, plus arts & crafts, games & puzzles, and reading & music activities.
  • High value, low price:  Value priced gyms, but packed with kid friendly activities. Have you seen VASA's child cinema? What about EoS' crawl-in playgym!
VASA Fitness
Child cinema? How cool! What about crafts and storytime? VASA has you covered. We like the option to do a drop-in, or pay in monthly bundles if you have multiple kids.
EoS Fitness
Colorful and bright, this EoS Fitness also features a crawl-in jungle gym. Some locations have mini basketball courts and little movie theaters too. Ages 6 months to 12 years are accepted!
California Family Fitness
You can bet California Family Fitness goes all out for kids, with "family" in their name, after all! What we love: kids yoga, obstacle courses, fun run training, and even indoor rock climbing!
Life Time Fitness
Absolutely huge variety of kid friendly offerings. It's not just childcare: there are activities and classes, too.

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