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Does 24 Hour Fitness have childcare?

Does 24 Hour Fitness have childcare?
Written by
Melissa B
Published on
September 22, 2023

Does 24 Hour Fitness have childcare?

Busy parents have no time to spare. Personally, balancing my kids, work, family and everything else—finding time for fitness is incredibly hard. 

My secret? A gym that offers childcare. It's the ultimate parent hack to free up time for yourself, plus give your little one some socialization and engagement.

So, what about 24 Hour Fitness?

Nope. 24 Hour Fitness does not have childcare or daycare services, at any of their facilities. (as of August 2023)

We see many other websites reporting they do have childcare—they are 100% incorrect. Why are all other websites getting it wrong? Well, 24 Hour Fitness did offer this service at their gyms around 2020. 

None at all? Are you sure?

We're 100% sure. Our team worked at 24 during this transition time, and helped remove "childcare / daycare" information from the website, marketing materials, signage in the club, and much more.

24 Hour Fitness slowly removed this amenity from all clubs, converting the spaces into additional workout, stretch, and cardio areas.

Unfortunately parents, there is no childcare or daycare services at 24 Hour Fitness.

Why doesn't 24 Hour Fitness have childcare?

It didn't fit their business plans. Wanting to expand their fitness offerings, the spaces where childcare used to be is now occupied by other health and wealth services.

They probably considered actual usage of the facilities, and saw low or declining attendance: all the more reason to pull the plug.

Yes, as parents, it was sad to see it go, but our fingers are crossed...

Will they have childcare in the future?

Don't know. We wish we had inside info or other signs/signals, but there is no indication of that so far. 

Could they have it in the future? Personally, yes. They:

  • Understand how to run a successful childcare program. That means staffing, certification, training and more. They probably can bring back equipment, toys and activities relatively easy.
  • Have the space. Many of the gyms can re-convert to kid-friendly areas. That means removing workout areas, retail spots and more. Yes it would take some work, but for 24 Hour Fitness, its reconfiguring their gyms, not rebuilding.
  • May want to position themselves better against the market. Besides LA Fitness, they have a huge amount of locations that may need to get competitive, and fast. If their current and future members ask, rally together, contact corporate, send letters—there's a chance!

Wrapping up

Ok, so contrary to what everyone else is saying on the internet, 24 Hour Fitness does not have childcare. They did, and as of 2021 going forward, they no longer do.

It's possible they make bring it back in the future—especially to stay competitive in the market, but we don't have any inside info.

Busy parents will need to find another gym if they want childcare services.

Parents, still looking for a gym with childcare nearby?

You're in luck: we're the largest database of gyms in the country and compiled the exact, searchable list here:

As of September 2023, we count 935 gyms with childcare—and we're sure you'll have one nearby. Some locations in these gym chains have childcare:

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