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Does VASA Fitness have childcare?

Does VASA Fitness have childcare?
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Melissa B
Updated on
January 17, 2024

Does VASA Fitness have childcare?

Life's a juggling act, right? Between wrangling kiddos, tackling work, and managing the never-ending family chaos, squeezing in time for fitness may feel impossible. But hey, as a busy parent myself, I've found the ultimate game changer: A gym with childcare. Not only do I get to break a sweat, but my little one gets to mingle and play. An absolute win-win for us (as well as my spouse)!

What about VASA Fitness?

Absolutely. VASA does have childcare, at a stunning 92% of their gyms! They really do understand busy parents, knowing childcare services can help unlock the time to squeeze in a workout. 

Got it. Which locations have childcare?

A whole bunch of them! Childcare is available at 47 VASA locations. With 51 gyms total, they have this amenity at nearly all of their clubs. 

We're quite impressed with the overall amenity set that VASA offers to their members—including childcare is the cherry on top for parents. 

What can I expect from VASA's childcare offering?

We love how VASA laid it all out for us. From their kidcare webpage:

Enjoy all of VASA’s premium fitness and recovery amenities and supportive group classes while your kids make new friends, get creative, and have a blast with our caring, certified instructors in KidCare—we’ll keep your kids safe and having fun so you can focus on you!

As you can tell, they're dedicated to giving busy parents a break, with a stellar offering for the little ones. Some things you can expect:

  • Activities, crafts, story time and other learning experiences. We see playmats, age-appropriate toys, plus carpet, rockers and more. 
  • "KidFit" is their active, energetic potion (kind of like kids PE) where they have obstacle courses and such. Definitely gotta be fun, and great the kids can break a sweat too.
  • KidCare staff that have passed background checks. They must also be certified in CPR and First Aid. 

You'll want to register and sign the KidCare agreements on the VASA app to make everything smooth. You'll also be able to book appointments there. All in all, probably the smoothest process of all the gym chains we track!

Is childcare free at VASA?

No, it is not free. There is an additional charge that depends on your child's age, as well as amount of kids. Here's the breakdown:

  • Drop-In (just show up!) rates
    • $5 per child, if she/he is 6 weeks to 2 years old
    • $3 per child, if she/he is 2 years to 12 years old
    • WOW. While not free, these prices are extremely competitive, and well worth the cost if you're trying to squeeze in a workout.

In a sign that VASA does truly care about parents, they also offer bundled rates (great for you to pre-plan and pre-commit to your workout)!

  • Bundled rates
    • $25 a month for 1 child
    • $50 a month for 2 children
    • $75 a month for 3 children
    • $100 a month for 4 children

One key thing to note: their KidCare services are only available for certain member types (Fitness, VASA FIT and STUDIO). What's cool is that if you're already a STUDIO member, you get $15 off a bundle rate—potentially taking your $25 down to $10 for a single child. 

That's right, for $10 a month, your single child can attend KidCare unlimited times, while you workout. Awesome deal.

Childcare just makes sense for busy parents

  • Safe! Daycare facilities require certain health & safety standards, usually mandated by the county or city. This often means at least CPR certification, along with other safety protocols.
  • Convenient! On-site babysitting facilities means parents can reliably get their exercise done without fear or worry of their kids wellbeing. It becomes an actual one-stop for the day to make sure you don't miss a workout.
  • Flexible: We like when the childcare hours are clear and easily found. This makes planning our workout both flexible and reliable. Parents, you know how it is to juggle schedules—especially around nap time!
  • Great Interaction: Many babysitting/daycare services at gyms focus on engaging playtime activities—giving your kids a stimulating environment where they may play games and with other kids.
  • Peace of Mind: Happy kid = clear mind = great workout. All is intertwined. Knowing that your child is entertained and well-supervised gives you great peace of mind. Your mind is then clear to help give your body a great workout!

Wrapping up with VASA

Parents, great news for ya. VASA offers childcare at 47 locations, nearly having one in every single of their 51 total. They're also quite extensive in their child offerings: everything from puzzles and games to an obstacles course! We love the online reservation system too. 

All in all, VASA is already a feature and amenity packed gym chain that oozes value. If you're looking for a gym with childcare, their kid friendly offerings put them over the top! 

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