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You've come to the right place! We're tracking over 5,000 gyms, and which ones have a pickleball court. Read up and help us satisfy your newfound obsession. So....

Pickleball... at the gym? You bet!

We're seeing pickleball hysteria across the country! Fans of tennis, badminton, even table tennis—are crazed for this game. This popular sport needs a place to grow: why not at gyms?

Alongside traditional amenities like cardio and strength training, gyms are starting to offer dedicated space to pickleball. They too, are seeing popularity explode, and often have their courts packed. Here are a few reasons why: 
  • Workout (and play) under one roof:  Gym-goers must be delighted to have their favorite activities in a single spot. You might do some cardio to warm up for your match, or cool down with laps in a pool. No mater your preference, the convenience is unmatched.
  • Improve cardiovascular health:  Pickleball is a fast-paced sport that'll get your heart pumping and blood flowing! Playing often will likely improve heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease. Why is that?

    Well, an entire pickleball match may last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes—full of shifting, pushing, running and changing direction—that'll exercise all body parts. The constant agile movement needed to react to the ball certainly tests your cardio system.
  • Social fun:  Pickleball is a game played together, in cohesion with friends/teammates. Best to play a match with your gym buddies, right? Playing pick-up pickleball games also ensures you'll meet new folks at your local gym.

    Played either in pairs or doubles, you rely and trust your teammate to help score. Have you ever played a team sport with a buddy for a long time? You'll know that good chemistry and learning each others' strengths and weaknesses go a long way.
  • Everybody wins: As long as the gym has enough space, adding pickleball as an amenity is a no-brainer. Members get a familiar location and area to play, and gyms get an awesome feature to attract new members.
YouFit has some of the most extensive pickleball offerings of all gyms.

What about pickleball tournaments?

Gyms have caught on. Not only do they now feature courts, some are actively setting up organized tournaments. It makes complete sense: they often find their courts busy from all the demand.

So, what gyms have pickleball?

As of January 2024, we count 161 gyms with pickleball. Named the fastest growing sport in America, expect to see more gyms offer it.

Boutique fitness centers—higher-priced gyms and country clubs with the absolute fullest amenities list—such as Bay Club and Life Time, now offer pickleball as an amenity. This is mostly due to the physically larger footprint of their locations, where pickleball is played in gyms (basketball courts) or on tennis courts.

Mid-priced gym options ($30 to $50+ monthly) usually have larger buildings and facilities, and in-turn can host pickleball with ease. Chains like California Family Fitness, YouFit, In-Shape and VASA offer pickleball, but not at all of their locations. That's why it's key to check the individual webpages of each gym to confirm (or of course, use our handy guide below—we did that work for you!)

Finally, HVLP (high value, low price) chains like Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness and Crunch have a different member and amenity focus, so don't expect to find pickleball there.

Some locations in these gym chains have pickleball:

Bay Club, California Family Fitness, Chuze Fitness, EoS Fitness, In-Shape Health Clubs, LA Fitness*, Life Time, VASA Fitness*, YouFit Gyms

*Users are reporting a gym location that setup their own net and schedule! Click igym chain for more information*

These gyms chains do not have pickleball. None of their locations have this amenity.

24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Edge Fitness, Equinox, Esporta, Fitness 19, Fitness SF, Gold's Gym, Planet Fitness, Retro Fitness, Snap Fitness, UFC Gyms

Well, why don't they have pickleball courts?

  • Cost to maintain both courts, equipment and reservation systems
  • Their amenities focus more on individual strength training, cardio training, group training, etc.
  • Literally no space at their clubs! Or, their hardwood amenities like basketball or volleyball take priority.

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