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Does Fitness Connection have childcare?

Does Fitness Connection have childcare?
Written by
Melissa B
Updated on
January 20, 2024

Does Fitness Connection have childcare?

Busy parents have no time to spare. Personally, balancing my kids, work, family and everything else—finding time for fitness is incredibly hard. 

My secret? A gym that offers childcare. It's the ultimate parent hack to free up time for yourself, plus give your little one some socialization and engagement.

So, what about Fitness Connection?

Yes, Fitness Connection sure does have childcare—and at the majority of their locations, too. We love gyms that are in-tune and understand their members, big props to Fitness Connection here. Being able to squeeze in a workout with your children under safe supervision is a game changer.

Got it. Which locations have childcare?

We count 38 total Fitness Connection locations that offer up childcare/daycare. That's a whopping 95% of their gyms, leaving just 2 without it from their total of 40. These gyms with childcare are scattered throughout North Carolina and Texas, covering cities like Charlotte, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. 

Tell me more about childcare at Fitness Connection.

Again, thankful for a gym that understands how important this service is. And as such, they have a great childcare FAQ page to let you know what to expect:

  • Little ones aged 3 to 11 years old may attend Kids Club
  • The maximum time allowed is two hours per day. Interesting how they phrase "leave their children" —possibly meaning multiple kids 
  • Hours of operation vary per location. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to see all their gyms with childcare, and load up their hours

Is childcare free at Fitness Connection?

Yes! Childcare is $0 when you have the FC Plus membership package. That's their mid-level option which we found was just a few dollars more than their Flex/Basic options. For around $19 a month, you get several other amenities (all club access, basketball, turf, etc)... and score a game-changing service with free childcare.

We can't name another gym chain who offers this service for "free."  Other operators usually charge $5 to $20 per visit, so a single use of the Fitness Connection childcare service would automatically make the entire membership worthwhile. Huge kudos to them!

Childcare just makes sense for busy parents at Fitness Connection

  • Convenient! On-site babysitting facilities means parents can reliably get their exercise done without fear or worry of their kids wellbeing. It becomes an actual one-stop for the day to make sure you don't miss a workout.
  • Safe! Daycare facilities require certain health & safety standards, usually mandated by the county or city. This often means at least CPR certification, along with other safety protocols.
  • Flexible: We like when the childcare hours are clear and easily found. 
  • Great Interaction: Many babysitting/daycare services at gyms focus on engaging playtime activities—giving your kids a stimulating environment where they may play games and with other kids.
  • Peace of Mind: Happy kid = clear mind = great workout. All is intertwined. Knowing that your child is entertained and well-supervised gives you great peace of mind. Your mind is then clear to help give your body a great workout!

Wrapping up childcare with NYSC

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