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O2 Fitness

A regional and well-loved local gym chain that serves North and South Carolina. Their local dedication and premier feel come through especially for busy families. Every single one of their locations offers up childcare!

Valley Fitness

Central California's "local" gym that truly feels part of those individual communities. Built from the ground up, residents in Fresno, Gilroy, Hanford, Los Banos, Modesto and Stockton have a a place they can call their own.

Blink Fitness

A chain managed by Equinox, we have full faith that their service and amenity set is top notch. We love the upbeat, can-do attitude from the brand.

Fitness Connection

A gym chain that knows what their customers want is a simple concept that many simply can't execute. Fitness Connection has this nailed down. Read on for more of what we love.


We love good looking, well maintained gyms. Dare we say that some of Onelife gyms are... boutique? Combine that as being one of the most well-stocked gym chains out there, and you have a recipe for success. Read on for more of what gets us smiling about Onelife.


Full service, bold gym chain from New York that has spread across the North East. Solid array and mix of amenities, with pools, saunas and steam available at several locations.

City Sports Club

This is a solid, do-everything, mid-tier gym chain that swimmers and basketball players call home. We appreciate their dedication to team sports, with tournaments and games hosted on their hardwood.

VASA Fitness

The hardcore dedication to be one of the best gyms in the entire country. Seriously: VASA has that ability as they continue to grow. It starts with a gigantic amenity set—available at the majority of locations.

In-Shape Health Clubs

A growing, Sacramento and Central California near-luxury fitness chain. We love the enormous amount of amenities available, with a large focus on pools and kid-friendly options/activities. 


We love the close relationship between combat sports, training techniques, coaches and traditional gym equipment/services. Yes, this unique gym chain blends all of the above in an impactful all-in-one brand.

California Family Fitness

Amazing amenity set that ensures fun and fitness for the whole family. Seriously: they have an activity for everybody in your squad.

Anytime Fitness

Same as their name, you'll love going to Anytime mainly because of their open, 24-7, up-all-night hours. Check out the other things we love.

Bay Club

We love the absolutely ridiculous amount of amenities available across their upscale locations. It's a true, all-you-can-want fitness option, especially if cost is no issue.

Esporta Fitness

An established fitness chain that has aqua amenities on lock. They're also an excellent option busy parents with childcare, or those looking to play basketball on hardwood. If a pool, sauna or hot tub is on your must-have list, then Esporta is a must-look.

Gold's Gym

One of the original fitness chains in the country continues to serve their members well. We love how they've adapted and grown their brand, services and amenities to fit the modern fitness lifestyle. 

Crunch Fitness

Absolutely love their approach to fitness: value packed and amenity+service oriented. Crunch is an excellent, all-around gym chain that can be had for affordable prices. 

LA Fitness

Mid-tier gym chain with hundreds of locations across the country. Large amenity set that features basketball courts and aqua activities.

Retro Fitness

Old school gym vibes in a mid-priced starting package. You've got all the basics: strength and weights, plus cardio equipment. 

Chuze Fitness

It honestly feels like you should be paying more for your membership. Yes, Chuze's value is really that good.  While they may not have invented the HVLP (high-value-low-price) gym model, they're doing their best job in leading the category.

Edge Fitness

This east coast gym chain has a sharp and "edgy" attitude, that delivers a powerful gym experience. We love how their all around amenities approach that covers the top wants/needs of members. 

Planet Fitness

This is possibly the most popular gym chain out there, with over 2400+ locations in the country. We like how they have locations nearby to everyone!

YouFit Gyms

We love the affordable pricing structures—we've seen as low as $10 a month (charged as $5 biweekly) in some areas. Their gyms are a bit no-frills, but are clear to the point as places to get a workout in.

Life Time

This luxury gym/resort chain is truly breathtaking. We love the enormous selection of services, sports, amenities and more. Definitely have to mention that they have pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America!

EoS Fitness

My goodness. With so much to love about EoS, it's going to be a bit hard to fit it all in. This gym chain focuses on providing extreme value for their members, and at an amazing value/price. The amenities are also widespread, meaning you can expect a similar experience no matter which location you select. 


Equinox clubs have an aura and attitude that you won't experience at other mainstream gym chains. With a focus on upscale, luxurious services, their amenities reflect that perfectly.

24 Hour Fitness

So much to love about 24 Hour Fitness. No gym is perfect, but this chain sure does check off many boxes. It's no wonder they've considered one of the best gyms in the nation.

Fitness SF

They're a local Bay Area gym chain that serves the community well. With a very respectable amenity set across their 8 locations, members in San Francisco and Oakland must be proud of this local product.

Fitness 19

Excellent value pricing for many of their locations. It's a bit no frills on the amenities side, but overall a good option if you're looking for a more basic gym that won't break the bank.

Snap Fitness

Neighborhood sized gyms that are more compact, giving you quick access  for an easy in-out-workout. We like that these smaller gyms are available in many (even rural) parts of the country.