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Does New York Sports Clubs have childcare?

Does New York Sports Clubs have childcare?
Written by
Melissa B
Updated on
January 17, 2024

Does New York Sports Clubs have childcare?

The challenges of parenthood are endless—I know you parents out there are busy balancing family, work, and personal commitments. What does that often leave out? Finding time for fitness.

Well, fellow parents: here's my advice for the ultimate game changer: A gym with childcare. It's truly a win-win for the entire family—I get a chance to break a sweat for an hour-ish, and my little one gets to mingle and play. 

What about New York Sports Clubs?

You got it. New York Sports Clubs does have offer childcare services—but at just 3 locations. While it's not many at all, this chain can safely say that parents have a place to workout uninterrupted at these gyms.

Got it. Which NYSC locations have childcare?

None in New York, actually. These 3 gyms with chlidcare are all in Florida:

  • Boy Scout in Fort Myers, Florida
  • Six Mile in Fort Myers, Florida
  • Cape Coral, Florida

Tell me more about NYSC's childcare.

Info is non-existent. There isn't a page on their sites that talk pricing, requirements, safety protocols. age or anything else. We recommend you go into the club and ask these very questions, plus get a chance to meet the staff.

Is childcare free for kids at New York Sports Clubs?

We're not sure, sorry! Check back here soon for updates.

Childcare makes sense for kids and parents

  • It's convenient! On-site babysitting facilities means parents can reliably get their exercise done without fear or worry of their kids wellbeing. It becomes an actual one-stop for the day to make sure you don't miss a workout.
  • It's safe! Daycare facilities require certain health and safety standards, usually mandated by the county or city. This often means at least CPR certification, along with other safety protocols.
  • Provides Interaction: Many babysitting/daycare services at gyms focus on engaging playtime activities—giving your kids a stimulating environment where they may play games and with other kids.
  • It's flexible: We like when the childcare hours are clear and easily found. This makes planning our workout both flexible and reliable. Parents, you know how it is to juggle schedules—especially around nap time!
  • It gives great Peace of Mind: Happy kid = clear mind = great workout. All is intertwined. Knowing that your child is entertained and well-supervised gives you great peace of mind. Your mind is then clear to help give your body a great workout!

Wrapping up childcare with NYSC

Ok, so this gym chain technically does have the service, but it's extremely limited. It's also far from their traditional base of members in New York—far down south in Florida. (Possibly convenient for vacationing folks?)  We also don't have key info about the service, but we're working to find out more.

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