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Benefits of gyms with saunas

We're big fans of saunas: their health benefits are immense. Here's what you need to know about them.
  • You can improve your cardiovascular health. Heat from the sauna causes the body to produce sweat, which should help increase blood flow and also lower blood pressure.

    This should also help reduce inflammation and promote the release of nitric oxide—which usually helps improve circulation by relaxing blood vessels. Collectively, regular use of the sauna has shown in some studies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Improve the health of your skin by opening up pores. That promotes sweating, which can help remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

    Increased blood flow to the skin should also help improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation. Some studies have even found that regular sauna use may help promote collagen production, which can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Relaxation and stress relief: after a tough workout, hot temps can reduce tension in your muscles. Heat and humidity can also release endorphins, improving your mood and reducing stress.

What to expect at gym saunas

Saunas are usually small, enclosed rooms that are heated to high temperatures using dry heat. Many users find it as a way to unwind and relax after a workout—or as a way to warm up muscles before one.

Here are some things you need to know before stepping in: 
  • High temperatures: Saunas typically range in temperature from 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's important to start slowly and gradually acclimate yourself to the heat.
  • Keep hydrated: It's important to drink plenty of water before and after using a sauna to stay hydrated, as the heat can cause you to sweat out a significant amount of fluids..
  • Sweating! The high temperature in the sauna will cause you to sweat, which can help to flush toxins from your body and improve circulation.
  • Skip the phone: Leave it either in your locker, or if you must, don't use it before stepping inside. The hot temps can damage your phone, or most commonly: iPhone users may get an alert saying the phone will shut down.

What gym chains have saunas?

Traditionally, saunas were found only in larger gym chains such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and Lifetime—mainly because of their traditionally larger sized locations. However, as Crunch and Chuze started to expand (and build new gyms), we started to see them include saunas.

Access to this amenity is now widespread, as only the smallest footprint locations (Anytime, Planet) don't yet have it.

Some locations in these gym chains have a sauna.

None of the locations in these chains have a sauna!

Well, why don't they have saunas?

Many different reasons. One large one: cost. Saunas need to be maintained and managed which ads to overall cost of running the gym.

Adding this amazing benefit would drive up monthly membership fees, and chains that charge $10 to $30 monthly usually have other types of (smaller, less expensive) amenities instead.

Another reason: Space. Smaller gym chains prioritize amenities like treadmills and weight training areas instead, packing their locations with this equipment.
24 Hour Fitness
Many 24 locations have saunas, typically locations that are designated Sport and Super-Sport.

They also use the traditional "electric sauna" with stones or rocks above the unit to retain heat.
Saunas are kind of a rarer amenity at Crunch, typically found at their higher end "Signature" clubs.

With many of their gyms charging just $9.99/month, Crunch locations often focus their amenities on more traditional gym equipment.
LA Fitness
LA Fitness also touts the healthy benefits of saunas—hoping to lower blood pressure and relax muscles.

We're still working to count how many of their locations have this amenity.
Nearly all of VASA's locations have a sauna, as they pair them with them with the steam room, pool and hot tub.

By our count, 46 of 50 VASA clubs have a sauna—a stunning 92% of their clubs!
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