How did we collect all this gym data?

Hard work. Yep, seriously: that's it.  

We sent hundreds of emails. Talked to endless website chatbots. Connected via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages. We read gym websites, reviews and much more. Even poked through thousands of pictures and galleries to find the right info. Our team works hard to individually check each location.

Actually, WHY did we collect all this gym data?

It all started with I was looking for a park nearby that had a basketball hoop. Even more, I wanted an indoor gym with nice hardwood and rims. (It's pretty rare, actually!) There was no website, no database, no central spot that gave a clear YES or NO. The internet is riddled with old, outdated, or just incomplete info: there had to be a better way.

I started to check one-by-one, each gym in the area and made my handwritten list. Not much longer after that, I also was looking for a gym with a nice sauna: I had moved and no longer was able to go to my old-favorite location. Again, a few hours of searching and another handwritten list. There had to be a better way!

Ok well, you can see how we were born. A quest for a hoop and a sauna! Disclaimer
We rely heavily on crowdsourced information: submissions, photos and reviews by people just like you. While we do our best to analyze, discern, confirm and verify—sometimes the information is slightly off, and unfortunately may be old/outdated/incorrect.  At, we'll do our best to make sure each individual gym page is as true and accurate as possible!