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Does Planet Fitness have childcare?

Does Planet Fitness have childcare?
Written by
Melissa B
Updated on
September 22, 2023

Does Planet Fitness have childcare?

Life's a juggling act, right? Between wrangling kiddos, tackling work, and managing the never-ending family chaos, squeezing in time for fitness may feel impossible. But hey, as a busy parent myself, I've found the ultimate game changer: A gym with childcare. Not only do I get to break a sweat, but my little one gets to mingle and play. An absolute win-win for us (as well as my spouse)!

Tell me more about childcare at Planet Fitness.

Unfortunately, not at this gym chain. There are zero gyms at Planet that have childcare.

Parents looking for a gym where they can workout and rely on childcare will have to find another gym chain. Planet Fitness doesn't offer it.

None at all? Are you sure?

Nope, none. And this is definitely a big deal. Planet Fitness is the second largest gym chain in the country, with over 2,000 locations nationwide. It's very likely you have one close by, so would be on your list to consider if you're looking for a new gym. 

But, for you busy parents—you'll need to find a different gym with childcare.

Why doesn't Planet Fitness have childcare?

We're not quite sure, but we're guessing it's this:

  • It would raise prices for members. Being a low-cost operator, that's simply not in the cards for them.
  • There's no space! Many of their clubs have generally filled their clubs with PF Black Card amenities such as massage and tanning.
  • It would require extreme coordination from their franchise groups. Yes, Planet is a franchise-based-gym chain—and getting a project like this off the ground with 2,000+ locations would probably be not worth the ultimate cost

Will they have childcare in the future?

It's possible, but we don't think it's going to happen. Planet Fitness' focus is on an affordable, quicker, "no-judgements" workout. Key word here is still, affordable.

While they do offer a few additional amenities like massage chairs and tanning to fit within their Black Card offerings, amenities like pools, saunas and especially childcare being added is unlikely. 

At least a few things need to happen if they were to: 

  • Construction and/or design changes. Planet clubs aren't exactly "huge" nor are they tiny sized quick gyms. But, any extra space they have is usually used for their PF Black Card area: activities like massage and tanning.
  • Staffing and certifications: Child and daycare centers must follow strict state and county rules. Snap would need to hire and train, plus certify their team members. Unlikely!
  • Pricing and positioning changes: Adding this stuff costs money! Expect a (substantial) increase in monthly membership dues. Definitely not happening.

We don't expect to see childcare at Planet Fitness anytime soon.

Wrapping up

Planet Fitness does not have childcare, at any of their nearly 2500 locations in the USA. And wow, it took hard work to double check each one of their gyms—we're sure that it's not a standard offering. 

Yeah, it's a big deal for this gigantic fitness chain, and parents want to know if Planet will add childcare in the future? We don't think it's gonna happen.

But busy parents still need to find a gym with childcare!

You're in luck: we're the largest database of gyms in the country and compiled the exact, searchable list here:

As of September 2023, we count 935 gyms with childcare—and we're sure you'll have one nearby. Some locations in these gym chains have childcare:

Bay Club

California Family Fitness

Chuze Fitness

Crunch Fitness

Edge Fitness

EoS Fitness


Esporta Fitness

Fitness 19

Gold's Gym

In-Shape Fitness

LA Fitness


VASA Fitness

YouFit Gym

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