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Looking for a gym that's open all night? You're in luck, we've got the complete list.

Looking for a 24 hour gym? We've got the list of locations open 24/7.

Late night workouts are sometimes necessary—or even enjoyable! Here are the top reasons why you may want a gym that has all night hours:
  • Workout on your schedule.  Many people aren't your typical "9 to 5" folks, and need a really early (3am, 4am) workout, or a late night (10pm, 11pm, midnight!) session.
  • Standard gym hours differ wildly. We've seen many that are open from only 8am to 6pm!
  • Escape the crowds. Imagine shooting hoops in dead silence around midnight! Or, focus on your squat without worry or judgement, before the sun comes up!

What gyms are open all night?

You can expect larger, full-amenity gym chains to be open all night. They typically have more sophisticated security systems—cameras, sensors, keyfob doors—to protect and keep you safe. They may also staff their clubs at late nights, so a front desk attendant is nearby if you need anything.

Not on this list are your local, smaller, "mom-and-pop" gym locations that close during evenings because of staffing shortages and low demand. If you need childcare during your workout, this is your go-to guide.

By the numbers: How many gyms are open 24/7?


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Percentage of gyms from this fitness chain that are open 24-hours-a-day.

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