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Does In-Shape Health Clubs have childcare?

Does In-Shape Health Clubs have childcare?
Written by
Melissa B
Updated on
January 17, 2024

Does In-Shape Health Clubs have childcare?

Busy parents have no time to spare. Personally, balancing my kids, work, family and everything else—finding time for fitness is incredibly hard. 

My secret? A gym that offers childcare. It's the ultimate parent hack to free up time for yourself, plus give your little one some socialization and engagement.

What about In-Shape?

Yes, In-Shape Fitness has childcare—at every single one of their 45 locations! 

Kids and families really take priority at In-Shape. They really do understand busy parents, knowing they'll likely come in for a workout—especially with some help to watch the kiddos.

Excellent! What locations have it?

Of the 30+ gym chains we're tracking, In-Shape is the only one that offers childcare at 100% of their gyms.

With a total of 45 locations in California, each and every one of them is kid ready!

That is awesome! Tell me more about In-Shape's childcare.

They do a great job outlining most of the questions that parents want to know about, here on their Kid Zone webpage. Some key things to know:

  • Kid Zones are for kids aged 6 months to 11 years old, with the youngest ones separated from the eldest.
  • In-Shape uses Trustline Registered Staff, individuals who have passed their California background check. This is the only gym chain we've seen that (publicly) partners with a third-party-safety and verification program.  Very cool for paranoid parents.
  • 2-hour max per child during your workout
  • No reservations needed, but first-come-first-serve at the front desk

Here's the kid, cool stuff:

  • Space mazes (mats, slides, crawl areas!)
  • Basketball courts and Soccer arenas 
  • Nintendo Wii video games
  • Active activity time, where "Simon says", freeze dance, kids yoga, jumping jacks and more. We love this fitness/active portion (think of it like PE from school!) since your little ones get a chance to sweat it out, just like you.

Overall, extremely comprehensive and much more detail provided compared to other gym chains. 

Is childcare free for kids at In-Shape?

Yes, it is included in your membership agreement. Whether it's the entry level "Core",  "Local Network" or "Lifestyle", all levels include Kid Zone childcare access at the entry price. 

We've seen monthly membership costs as low as $35/month for single-club-Core, making childcare an amazing deal to go along with your membership. 

Even the higher priced monthly memberships at $50, $60 and up make it extremely worthwhile for busy parents—really because In-Shape's child and kid offerings are so so good. 

Take a look at everything you can get at In-Shape's Kid Zone

The gym's childcare is a gamechanger

  • Super convenient! On-site babysitting facilities means parents can reliably get their exercise done without fear or worry of their kids wellbeing. It becomes an actual one-stop for the day to make sure you don't miss a workout.
  • It's safe! Daycare facilities require certain health and safety standards, usually mandated by the county or city. This often means at least CPR certification, along with other safety protocols.
  • Provides Interaction: Many babysitting/daycare services at gyms focus on engaging playtime activities—giving your kids a stimulating environment where they may play games and with other kids.
  • It's flexible: We like when the childcare hours are clear and easily found. This makes planning our workout both flexible and reliable. Parents, you know how it is to juggle schedules—especially around nap time!
  • It gives great Peace of Mind: Happy kid = clear mind = great workout. All is intertwined. Knowing that your child is entertained and well-supervised gives you great peace of mind. Your mind is then clear to help give your body a great workout!

Final thoughts at In-Shape

If you don't already love In-Shape Health Clubs, we're sure your kids will. They go absolutely above and beyond in their total kids offerings, including mazes, basketball courts and active activity time. 

We appreciate the clarity and descriptions, especially what to expect with their services. Plus, the childcare cost is baked into your monthly membership cost, making it an awesome deal.

For Central California parents, In-Shape tops our list of gyms with childcare.

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