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Does Fitness 19 have a pool?

Definitely one of the most popular questions we've gotten about this gym chain.
Written by
Melissa B
Published on
March 29, 2024

Does Fitness 19 have a pool?

Ready to join this splash party?

Pools aren't just for floating on inflatable unicorns. From power-packed aqua workouts to chill "me-time" sessions, pools have got it all. And guess what? You're among the countless folks who've clocked the awesomeness of diving in, especially when the fitness mood strikes.

Here's a real-life combo you'll only get at gyms with pools:

  • Relaxation: Had a tough workout? Jump in and let the water do its magic.
  • Swim Training: Whether you're channeling your inner Michael Phelps or just swimming off last night's pizza.
  • Pure aqua fun: Pools are kiddo and grown-up playgrounds. Splash wars, anyone?

Here at, we've rounded up the best pool hangouts around. Whatever floats your boat (or floatie), we've got the exclusive info. Dive in with us!

Tell me more about Fitness 19! Do they have them?

No pool at any Fitness 19 gyms. We checked every single of their 79 club websites, and POOL isn't mentioned on them! We also poked through the Facebook and Instagram pages, along with chatting with their customer care team. Nope, no pool at Fitness 19.

Bummer! Why doesn't Fitness 19 have pools?

Solid question. Sometimes we'll have some insider info, or a tip from employees or executives at a gym we're tracking. Unfortunately, we don't of that here. So, we'll lean on our experience in the industry. Why doesn't Fitness 19 have pools? Probably:

  • It would drive up membership costs. So many different things need to happen to install and maintain a pool properly. We're talking about cleaning, chemicals, and certifying that all is properly running correctly. That requires an enormous initial (and ongoing!) cost—that will have to be paid by members. That's not gonna fly with their existing monthly membership costs.
  • There (probably) isn't alot of space, or enough space, at Fitness 19 locations. Not just for the actual pool, but for maintenance areas storing chemicals, cleaners and more. Also, see below for how they fill their gyms.
  • Pools aren't a primary focus for Fitness 19. We see their clubs at roughly around 40,000 square feet in size, with great amenities such as:
    • Functional training (turf) areas
    • Cardio/strength sections
    • Kids clubs

You can see how Fitness 19 gyms enhance their members' experience with so many other different options—just not with a pool.

Will Fitness 19 have pools in the future?

It's a possibility, but not something we think will happen anytime soon.

Final words

Alright, no pools at Fitness 19! This gym chain focuses on other amenities and services to serve their members. We also don't expect them to add pools to their existing clubs—but it's technically a possibility if they open new locations. We're not betting on it, though.

Still looking to swim and find a pool nearby?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. By our count as of March 2024, there are 1,092 gyms with a swimming pool in the country. While Fitness 19 isn't one of them, there are about ~13 different chains that do. 

Need the full list? Head over to our gyms with swimming pools homepage to search for your next aqua adventure.

Or, search by gym chain below.

Some locations in these gym chains have a pool.

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