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Does Bay Club have a pool?

Pool fans are always asking us about this popular fitness chain!
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Melissa B
Published on
September 19, 2023

Does Bay Club have a pool?

Ready to dive in?

Whether its a serious, strength building water workout—or a leisurely, relaxing dip to cool off...  Swimming pools and water exercise is an amazing activity. Millions out there know the benefits of taking a dip, especially in the fitness sense.

So many ways for this to play out:

  • Post workout — to relax, soothe and cool down. (For me? Absolute bliss after a long basketball pickup game)
  • Your actual workout — to swim laps, practice your form, and even prepare for competition
  • For leisure — a few pools at gyms are purposely built for kids and parents alike: to enjoy, relax, socialize and play

Here at, we've got the ultimate list of pools in the country. Fair warning: your neighborhood gym may not have one. Pools are in high demand and finding one is hard. Let us help you out, read on.

Tell me more about pools at Bay Club! Do they have them?

YES, Bay Club does have pools—but only at certain locations.

We've done the research for you, and have their exact location list below. (Don't forget: we call, check their website, and even DM their socials to make sure our info is accurate!)

Which Bay Club has a pool?

Exactly 16 of their 22 gyms—73% of their clubs—have a pool. 

Members across California should rejoice, these 16 gyms with pools are near major cities like San Francisco, Santa Monica and San Diego, so a pool at this luxury club is likely nearby.

Are Bay Club pools free for their members?

No additional charge to use the pools at Bay Club, it's included in your monthly membership cost.

Comprehensive aqua programs, including group aqua fitness, swim camps, and even advanced workout groups for experienced swimmers.
Tell me more about the pools at Bay Club.

You'll get quite the variety with this boutique, upscale health club.

With 27 heated pools, we offer year-round indoor and outdoor swimming facilities for both competitive training and leisurely recreation.

Wait, we only list 16 of their locations with a pool—but there are 27 total in their network. Yep, that means multiple locations have multiple pools. Comprehensive, we told you so.

Take their Pleasanton location, for example. They have 4 pools total, with 2 of them Junior Olympic sized. We see they have both 6 and 8-lane swim options as well. Don't forget about the kiddie-splash-slide area either. Fun for the whole family is possible, and expected at the Bay Club.

Or, their Carmel Valley lifestyle club in San Diego. This sprawling location has "resort-style properties" that features three outdoor heated pools. This location features swim lessons, swim schools for little ones, as well as swim teams/tournaments.

Are the pools heated?

Yes, Bay Club has 27 heated pools across their 22 locations. 

To what exact temp? We're not quite sure, but most gyms keep theirs between 80ºF (27ºC) to 84ºF. 

Does Bay Club offer aqua classes?

They do. Some locations with pools at Bay Club feature classes such as:

  • Poolside Cycle
  • Aqua Fit
  • Aqua Zumba - A dance class pool party. Pretty wild lol! I always saw a huge group of senior citizens doing this in the early morning at the location I was going to.

A very grand and elegant pool setup at Bay Club. We can image ourselves soaking in the San Diego sun on these loungers

Closing thoughts

Bay Club has some of the most upscale amenities out there, and they certainly gave the same treatment to their pools and aqua offerings.

Several clubs have multiple pools, and they're constantly in-use by various classes, lessons, swim schools and more.

"Free swim" is of course available outside of the above hours, and we're sure many members take advantage to lay out and relax by the water.

Overall, truly a luxurious option for those looking for A+ aqua amenities.

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