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Does EoS Fitness have a pool?

Pool fans are always asking us about this popular fitness chain!
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Melissa B
Published on
March 31, 2024

Does EoS Fitness have a pool?

Ready to join this splash party?

Pools aren't just for floating on inflatable unicorns. From power-packed aqua workouts to chill "me-time" sessions, pools have got it all. And guess what? You're among the countless folks who've clocked the awesomeness of diving in, especially when the fitness mood strikes.

Here's a real-life combo you'll only get at gyms with pools:

  • Relaxation: Had a tough workout? Jump in and let the water do its magic.
  • Swim Training: Whether you're channeling your inner Michael Phelps or just swimming off last night's pizza.
  • Pure aqua fun: Pools are kiddo and grown-up playgrounds. Splash wars, anyone?

Here at, we've rounded up the best pool hangouts around. Whatever floats your boat (or floatie), we've got the exclusive info. Dive in with us!

Tell me more about pools at EoS Fitness! Do they have them?

YES! The majority of EoS clubs do have a pool. 78% of them, in fact.

We've done the research for you, and have their exact location list below. (Don't forget: we call, check their website, and even DM their socials to make sure our info is accurate!)

Which EoS Fitness has a pool?

62 of their 79 gyms have a pool. Scattered around Arizona, Utah, and of course Las Vegas: EoS Fitness has a bunch of gyms for you to practice your backstroke.

Who can use the pools at EoS? Are they free?

Yep, sure is. Access to the pool at your EoS gym is included in your overall membership package. Just like the other amenities available, your monthly membership cost covers your unlimited use. 

That means—if your gym has one—the pool, sauna, weight training, cardio and more, can all be used in a single day. Its not out of the question to use all of the above, especially if you're using the aqua amenities to cool down after a strenuous workout. 

Whether you're using the pool for leisurely dips, or intense all-around-body swimming workouts, EoS gives you those options—all within the same monthly membership cost.`

We see many pools at Eos Fitness in light, bright, beautifully lit areas. Image of their Chandler, Arizona location.
What else do I need to know about the pools at EoS?

EoS features indoor lap pools, perfect for an energizing back-and-forth swim. We have yet to see a location with an outdoor one, but we're checking to confirm. Indoor swim is generally more common at gyms, with a few great benefits:

  • Year-round aqua workouts (or relaxation)
  • No worries about cold temps outdoor
  • Typically, a heated setup to keep the water at a consistent temperature.

Are the pools heated?

That's a good question, but we really just don't know right now. Hang, tight, we're working on getting more info!

What size are the pools at EoS?

A Reddit user is reporting 20 meters in length—actually measuring the Las Vegas Blue Diamond location to the exact inch. That means this location's pool is a bit half as small as an Olympic sized pool (50 meters). In imperial measurements, that's 65 feet and 8 inches.

Typical pool setup with lanes at Blue Diamond EoS in Las Vegas, via

Tell me more about EoS' pools. What about aqua classes?

Aqua classes are abundant at EoS, featuring several different options. Water-based workouts are excellent as they're low-impact and joint-friendly. Eos offers:

  • Dance Waves - basically a dance and fitness party in the pool!
  • Water Barre - ballet inspired barre, but in the water.
  • Aqua Zumba - stretching, twisting, splashing Zumba workouts, aqua friendly
  • and at least 5 others

Closing thoughts

It's no secret we love what EoS has to offer. Their overall fitness offerings are an amazing value, and with the majority of their locations having a swimming pool—their members are truly spoiled. 

Aqua amenities are abundant with this chain, as well as their aqua fitness classes. So much selection here.

Pools are probably heated with likely all of them indoors, and are about half the length of full Olympic ones.

All-in-all, EoS has to come to the top of your list—whether or not you were searching for a gym with a pool.

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