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Does Chuze Fitness have a pool?

It's a question we hear all the time about this popular fitness chain. Pool enthusiasts need to know!
Written by
Melissa B
Published on
November 12, 2023

Does Chuze Fitness have a pool?

Ready to join this splash party?

Pools aren't just for floating on inflatable unicorns. From power-packed aqua workouts to chill "me-time" sessions, pools have got it all. And guess what? You're among the countless folks who've clocked the awesomeness of diving in, especially when the fitness mood strikes.

Here's a real-life combo you'll only get at gyms with pools:

  • Relaxation: Had a tough workout? Jump in and let the water do its magic.
  • Swim Training: Whether you're channeling your inner Michael Phelps or just swimming off last night's pizza.
  • Pure aqua fun: Pools are kiddo and grown-up playgrounds. Splash wars, anyone?

Here at, we've rounded up the best pool hangouts around. Whatever floats your boat (or floatie), we've got the exclusive info. Dive in with us!

Tell me more about pools at Chuze! Do they have them?

YES, Chuze Fitness does have pools—but only at certain locations.

We've done the research for you, and have their exact location list below. 

(Don't forget: we call, check their website, and even DM their socials to make sure our info is accurate!)

Which Chuze Fitness locations have a pool?

As of November 2023, about a third of their locations do. We're tracking 60 total Chuze gyms, and exactly 21 of them have a pool—that's a pretty good 35% of them.

How does this stack up to other gym chains? Know that many, many others don't offer a pool at all. 

Are Chuze pools free to use?

Chuze has three membership levels: Basic, Premium and More, typically priced at $9.99, $24.99 and $29.99.

To use the pool, opt for the Premium membership. At this membership level, you'll also get access to several additional amenities: 

  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Hot Tub/Whirlpool
  • Group exercise
  • And much more
Stunning 3-lane pool setup at their Littleton, Colorado location. Functional turf, swim and workout floor all in view.
What types of pools does Chuze have?

Chuze's pools are indoor, and are setup to have swim lanes. This makes aqua workouts an excellent option for energizing back-and-forth exercise. We're seeing a mix of 2 and 3 lane options, depending on the size of the club. 

We also see Chuze pools beside their hot tub/whirlpool. In fact, all 21 gyms with pools we're tracking, also have a hot tub. If a Chuze location has a pool, it also has a hot tub. 

This of course makes it a wonderous experience for members: they can literally Chuze to hop into the pool, swim laps, and follow up with a relaxing hot tub. Some folks actually prefer it the other way around—it's your preference here.

Are the pools heated?

Sorry, we don't know that yet. To what exact temp? We're not quite sure—but most gyms keep theirs between 80ºF (27ºC) to 84ºF. 

Chuze implies that their pools are heated on their site: 

Swimming is Excellent Exercise: Swim Year-Round with an Indoor Lap Pool

Be sure to check back soon, we'll have the official answer for you soon.

Does Chuze Fitness Club offer aqua classes?

They do. Some locations with pools at Chuze feature Aqua Fit. It's a- low impact group fitness class using water as resistance. Users love it because it can helps build strength and stamina—in the fun of the pool, no less.

Interestingly, we don't see any other water-based classes offered (such as aqua Zumba or aqua aerobics). Members who are looking for more variety here may want to check out a different gym chain.

You can expect most Chuze pool areas to look like this.

What about steam and sauna at Chuze Fitness?

We have dedicated pages on Chuze's steam and sauna offerings, but making a note here as well.

  • There are 21 Chuze locations with a pool
  • All 21 of these also have a hot tub
  • All 21 of these have a steam room
  • 20 of them have a sauna

Where can you find these masterpieces? Look for them in California, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. 

Excellent planning by the Chuze team to stack these aqua amenities together, we're sure members are spoiled!

Wrapping up

It's no secret: Chuze is one of our favorite gym chains, and for good reason. Their amenity sets are off the charts, and overall offerings are significantly better than so many other gyms out there.

We love how a good portion of their locations have a pool, though we wish it were all of them! Members at Chuze can enjoy pools and hot tubs together, all 21 of them out of 60 total locations.

Pools should be heated, and just a single group fitness class is offered.

Altogether, a solid showing by Chuze for their aqua amenities.

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