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Does Equinox have a pool?

We hear this question all the time! Pool fans want to know about Equionx.
Written by
Melissa B
Published on
November 12, 2023

Does Equinox have a pool?

Can't wait to dive in?

Whether its a serious, strength building water workout—or a leisurely, relaxing dip to cool off... Swimming pools are an amazing amenity and activity for all. You're not alone: millions out there have also realized the immense benefits that a swimming pool can bring, especially in the fitness sense.

Now, combine this amazing amenity to go alongside your daily workout. It's the perfect pairing: 

  • Post workout - to relax, soothe and cool down
  • Your actual workout - to swim laps, practice your form, and even prepare for competition
  • To play - many pools are purposely built for kids and parents alike, to enjoy socialize and play

Here at, we've got the ultimate list of pools in the country. Whatever your aqua desires are, we're here to help. Read on for more. 

So what about Equinox gyms?

Yes, this luxury gym chain absolutely has pools. However, do know that only about a third of locations have one, so you'll need to double check for one near you.

So, which Equinox gyms have a pool?

We're tracking 106 different Equinox locations across the country, and exactly 33 of them have a pool. This data is fresh, we verified as of November 2023.

Are the pools at Equinox free?

You bet. Access to the pool at your Equinox club is included in your overall membership package. Just like the other amenities available, your monthly membership cost covers your unlimited use. 

That means—if your gym has one—the pool, sauna, weight training, cardio and more, can all be used in a single day. Its not out of the question to use all of the above, especially if you're using the aqua amenities to cool down after a strenuous workout. 

Whether you're an actively training athlete, or taking a leisurely dip Equinox gives you those options, all within the same monthly membership cost.

View of the Equinox pool at Bloomfield. Definitely an upscale look and feel.
Tell me more about the pools at Equinox.

As an upscale fitness destination, Equinox aims to provide a luxurious experience. You can expect premium design, materials and lighting—especially at their swimming pool areas. 

They have a mix of both indoor and outdoor swim options, setup in 3 and 4-lane configurations. This makes aqua workouts an excellent option at Equinox, where you can have energizing back-and-forth swims.

Their outdoor pools are a destination, with a few setup as rooftop locations overlooking the city. Enjoy a swim with an world-class view, why not right? We think this embodies much of what Equinox stands for: upscale, IG worthy amenities.

Are the pools heated?

We do see a couple of their gyms with pools mention that they are heated, especially those with pools that are outdoors. No exact temperature is reported, but other gyms chains usually keep them around 80ºF.

Stunning view at Equinox Hudson Yards. Image via Vanity Fair.

What about other aqua amenities at Equinox?

We have dedicated pages on Equinox's sauna offerings, but making a note here as well.

  • There are 33 Equinox locations with a pool
  • All 33 of these also have a steam room
  • 9 of these 33 locations have a sauna

We're unsure about whirlpool/hot tubs for these locations: they don't make it quite clear if it's available.

Overall, good—not great mix of aqua amenities at these clubs. Definitely wish this upscale gym chain offered it much more.

Final words

Upscale, elegant and sometimes truly stunning pools await you at Equinox. If you're looking for that IG-worthy shot, this might be your gym. We love how several locations also mix in other aqua amenities, though we wish it were offered at all of their clubs.

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