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Does VASA Fitness have a pool?

Pool fans are always asking us about this popular fitness chain!
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Melissa B
Published on
September 19, 2023

Does VASA Fitness have a pool?

Ready to make a splash?

Swimming pools aren't just for lazy summer days. They offer everything from intense muscle-strengthening sessions to a tranquil oasis for relaxation. You're in good company: thousands of people out there recognize all the advantages of swimming—especially when it comes to fitness.

Let us paint this amazing gym combo for ya: 

  • Recovery: Unwind and cool off after a vigorous workout.
  • Training: Perfect your stroke, swim for endurance, or gear up for competitive events.
  • Recreation: With pools designed for both youngsters and adults, they're the perfect spot for family fun and bonding.

At, we provide a comprehensive guide to the best pool facilities across the nation. No matter how you use the pool and aqua amenities we've got you covered. Dive in with us!

Tell me more about pools at VASA Fitness! Do they have them?

Wow! Nearly all of VASA Fitness locations have a pool! Aqua activities are integral to the membership offerings with this chain, something that many other gyms can't say. 

(Aqua addicted? Not only do most of their clubs have a pool, you'll find a steam and sauna room nearby—as well as a significant amount of hot tubs/whirpools).

Which VASA Fitness has a pool?

We're tracking all 51 VASA Fitness gyms, and 45 of them have a pool. Pool enthusiasts in Utah and Colorado  will likely see a VASA nearby—you've got to consider this chain as a strong contender!

Is it free to use the pools at VASA?

There are a few different membership tiers at VASA, and we know that their basic $9.99 membership won't give you access to the water amenities (such as the pool). That membership type also restricts you to a single location.

Stepping up to the Fitness or Studio options (roughly $24.99 and $39.99, respectively), gets you multiple aqua amenities (in addition to the pool, of course).

Clean, updated, fresh. VASA is known in the industry to have upgraded and well-maintained facilities.
What types of pools does VASA Fitness have?

All of the pools we've seen from VASA Fitness are indoors, and are setup with (typically) 3-lanes. On their website, they also list pools as indoor.

Indoor swim is generally more common at gyms, with a few great benefits:

  • Year-round aqua workouts (or relaxation)
  • No worries about cold temps outdoor
  • Typically, a heated setup to keep the water at a consistent temperature.

Typically, their pools are next to the whirlpool and/or hot tubs. Makes sense as these aqua amenities are used often at the same time. 

Are the pools heated?

VASA pools are heated to 84ºF. Sure, you may see a couple degrees difference at their locations, but it's great to see official guidance from the VASA website. Unlike other gym chains, they also include some nice bits of info on what to expect:

  • They "sanitize with chlorine and monitor the chemical levels on a daily basis."
  • Pool hours are the same as the individual gym locations
  • Pools may be closed however, for maintenance and cleaning

What size are the pools at VASA?

Straight from VASA:

Most of our pools are 25 meters, but vary in length based on the location. Talk to the front desk for more info.

Here's what they mean about varying lengths: According to, the Colorado Springs location has a pool that is 23m in length. What? Yeah, 23m, weird.

Typical 3-lane indoor pool setup at VASA. You can see the hot tub whirlpool in the back.

What about steam, sauna and hot tub at VASA Fitness?

Did you know we have dedicated pages on the steam and sauna for VASA? Here's why it's simply awesome for their members:

  • There are 45 VASA locations with a pool
  • All 45 of those have a sauna 
  • All 45 of those have a steam room
  • All 45 of those have a hot-tub/whirlpool

WOW! VASA groups aqua amenities together to best serve all you aqua-wet-amenity-addicts. 

Those who use the pool likely use the sauna, steam and hot-tub as well, and it's a huge benefit for you to use these spaces in a single gym visit. 

Final words

We've said this so often: VASA members are spoiled—especially in the water-aqua-pool department. 45 of their 51 locations have a pool, and they are all definitely heated and indoor. Lengths are around 25m, and aqua fitness classes can be found as well. Finally, hot-tub/steam/sauna folk also can enjoy the pool toegher.

A+ grade for VASA!

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