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Does Crunch Fitness have a pool?

Definitely one of the most popular questions we've gotten about this gym chain.
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Melissa B
Published on
September 19, 2023

Does Crunch Fitness have a pool?

Looking to dive in?

Whether its a serious, strength building water workout—or a leisurely, relaxing dip to cool off... Swimming pools are an amazing amenity and activity for all. You're not alone: millions out there have also realized the immense benefits that a swimming pool can bring, especially in the fitness sense.

Now, combine this amazing amenity to go alongside your daily workout. It's the perfect pairing: 

  • Post workout - to relax, soothe and cool down
  • Your actual workout - to swim laps, practice your form, and even prepare for competition
  • To play - many pools are purposely built for kids and parents alike, to enjoy socialize and play

Here at, we've got the ultimate list of pools in the country. Beware though—pools are in high demand, and not every gym will have one. Read on for more details.

So what about Crunch Fitness?

Yep, Crunch does have pools—BUT only at a few locations. Just 4% of their gyms have a spot for you to practice your water skills. 

Got it. Where can I swim at Crunch Fitness?

So, of the 293 total Crunch gyms out there, only 12 of them have a pool. Here are a few things to know: 

  • You can expect to find pools at their higher end Signature Clubs 
  • Other aqua amenities usually accompany the pool, such as towel service and full-amenity locker rooms (salon style hair dryers, Ritual products).
  • You'll also likely see saunas and stream rooms too, completing an almost spa-like upscaled experience to go alongside your dip in the pool.

According to Crunch

There are currently 28 Signature locations in the San Francisco, LA, DC, Miami and New York City metro areas.

Are the pools at Crunch free?

Signature clubs have a different pricing tier compared to non-Signature clubs. To use the pool at one of these locations, you must have one of these membership types:

  • One Crunch - Access to one Signature location (that may have a pool)
  • City Crunch - Access to 10 clubs (in addition to the above "home" club)
  • All Crunch - Access to all Crunch locations (in addition to the above "home club")

Pricing is also a good amount more than non-Signature clubs—we're seeing $79, $102 and $127, respectively, for the above. This is based off of the San Francisco Yerba Buena location. 

So, if swimming is a must for you, and Crunch is your gym of choice, know that you'll have to pay a premium. 

Image of the pool at Yerba Buena in San Francisco, CA.
What types of pools does Crunch have?

Details about the 12 Crunch locations with pools is sparse. And, for good reason too. This is a HVLP gym chain: focusing much of their efforts on low-cost, high value to their members. 

Pools aren't part of this equation. 

That means all other amenities (weights, cardio, group fitness, etc) take much more priority, That's why it's so hard to find up-to-date info on their pools. Check back in some time as we continue to dig for more info.

Are the pools heated?

We're not sure if their pools are heated, but it's on our list to check.

Does Crunch offer aqua classes?

Yes, Crunch technically does. Why do we say it like that?

We went to every single Crunch gym page that has a pool, checked their class schedules for the next week (September 19-26, 2023), and notated them all below. 

Common theme? Only two cubs offer a class, and they don't happen that often. (Most other classes offered are studio-fitness, like Zumba or HIIT).  Here are the classes we found:

So yes, two Crunch clubs indeed do have aqua classes, but we recommend making sure they happen often enough to fit your fitness schedule. 

3-lane pool at Crunch Fitness in Nampa, Idaho. Tall ceilings give this an indoor/outdoor feel.

Wrapping up

So, technically, Crunch Fitness does have a pool. 12 locations out of the 293, exactly. They can be found at Signature locations, and do cost more than their typical membership. 

We're currently gathering more info (length, temperature, etc) and will update you soon! 

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