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Does Anytime Fitness have a pool?

Swimmers and splashers need to know! It's a question we hear all the time about this popular fitness chain.
Written by
Melissa B
Published on
September 22, 2023

Does Anytime Fitness have a pool?

Ready to make a splash?

Swimming pools aren't just for lazy summer days. They offer everything from intense muscle-strengthening sessions to a tranquil oasis for relaxation. You're in good company: thousands of people out there recognize all the advantages of swimming—especially when it comes to fitness.

Let us paint this amazing gym combo for ya: 

  • Recovery: Unwind and cool off after a vigorous workout.
  • Training: Perfect your stroke, swim for endurance, or gear up for competitive events.
  • Recreation: With pools designed for both youngsters and adults, they're the perfect spot for family fun and bonding.

At, we provide a comprehensive guide to the best pool facilities across the nation. No matter how you use the pool and aqua amenities we've got you covered. Dive in with us!

So what about Anytime Fitness? Do they have pools?

Sorry! No pool at Anytime Fitness locations. And we've done our homework: we checked every single web page of theirs, and connected with customer care. Thumbed through Facebook and Instagram pages, too. 

Most clearly though, they state on their website:

"Anytime Fitness does not offer basketball courts or swimming pools."

This is quite a big deal: Anytime Fitness is the largest gym chains in the country, at over 2,300 locations. For most folks in the United States, you can bet that they have a club (or two, three!) nearby to you. Unfortunately, no Anytime Fitness locations have a swimming pool.

Why doesn't Anytime Fitness have pools?

Yup, sorry—they don't have pools and you're probably wondering why. Our experience in the gym space gives us a few possible reasons to why they don't. 

  • It doesn't (and won't) fit their price point. Pools are expensive to build and expensive to maintain.... Both of which are costs that *other gym chains pass on to their members. Even for those who don't use the pool, the overall cost gets shifted to the member. At Anytime Fitness, the typical $10/monthly membership fee simply wouldn't be enough to maintain a swimming pool.
  • There's no space! Yes, seriously. Most Anytime Fitness locations we've been to are generally smaller, than, say—24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Gold's and Crunch. (All locations which have a few pools at their gyms). We estimate the typical Anytime Fitness club anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 square feet. That's on the smaller side of gyms, and nowhere near enough to support a swimming pool. Don't forget, a proper gym with a pool would also require: a maintenance room, supply room, member showers and member towels-washers-dryers potentially. This won't work at Anytime Fitness.
  • Pools don't fit the overall mission and values of Anytime Fitness. Their biggest draw and member benefit? Being open anytime. All their resources (marketing, staffing, etc) focus on being open 24-hours-a-day, not an expansive amenities list like pools/saunas/basketball/etc.  Lastly: we're not sure how Anytime would handle a midnight-pool-emergency—many location are unstaffed (no employees!) in the middle of the night.

Will they have pools in the future?

Don't bet on it. Adding a swimming pool to an existing Anytime Fitness club is far too complicated, expensive, and simply not-profitable for the company. 

Sometimes we can make a case (and even lobby/recommend!) to different gym chains on amenities that people may want to see more of.... but not in this case. Adding pools to Anytime Fitness locations just doesn't make any sense.

Closing thoughts

So, you're looking to dive in. Sorry, it's not going to be at Anytime Fitness. While none of their locations have pools, they definitely offer different amenities—at all hours of the day. We also don't anticipate any of their gyms to add a pool in the future, either.
If this gym chain is on your list to join, take advantage of the killer pricing, all-day-night-access, and multitude of locations across the country to visit.

Still looking for a pool nearby?

We've got the ultimate lit. By our count as of September 2023, there are 1,090 gyms with a swimming pool in the country. While Anytime Fitness isn't one of them, there are about ~13 different chains that do. 

Need the full list? Head over to our gyms with swimming pools homepage to search for your next aqua adventure.

Or, search by gym chain below.

Some locations in these gym chains have a pool.

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