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Does Esporta Fitness have a pool?

It's a question we hear all the time about this popular fitness chain. Pool enthusiasts need to know!
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Melissa B
Published on
September 19, 2023

Does Esporta Fitness have a pool?

Ready to join this splash party?

Pools aren't just for floating on inflatable unicorns. From power-packed aqua workouts to chill "me-time" sessions, pools have got it all. And guess what? You're among the countless folks who've clocked the awesomeness of diving in, especially when the fitness mood strikes.

Here's a real-life combo you'll only get at gyms with pools:

  • Relaxation: Had a tough workout? Jump in and let the water do its magic.
  • Swim Training: Whether you're channeling your inner Michael Phelps or just swimming off last night's pizza.
  • Pure aqua fun: Pools are kiddo and grown-up playgrounds. Splash wars, anyone?

Here at, we've rounded up the best pool hangouts around. Whatever floats your boat (or floatie), we've got the exclusive info. Dive in with us!

What about Esporta?

My goodness. Nearly all of Esporta Fitness locations have a pool. They lead our rankings: a stunning 96% of their gyms have one.

 Aqua activities are integral to the membership offerings with this chain, something that many other gyms can't say. 

(Aqua addicted? Not only do most of their clubs have a pool, you'll find a steam and sauna room nearby—as well as a significant amount of hot tubs/whirpools).

Which Esporta locations have a pool?

A whole bunch of them. We're tracking all 142 of their gyms, and all but 6 have a pool. That's a stunning 136 different gyms where you can practice your water skills.

Are the pools at Esporta free?

Yes! Esporta members get unlimited use of the pool—it's included in your membership plan. 

That means—if your gym has one—the pool, sauna, weight training, cardio and more, can all be used in a single day. Its not out of the question to use all of the above, especially if you're using the aqua amenities to cool down after a strenuous workout. 

And again, it's definitely likely your Esporta has a pool, with all but 6 of their 142 locations not having one. Whether you're using the pool for leisurely dips, or intense all-around-body swimming workouts, Esporta gives you those options—all within the same monthly membership cost.

Some of the pools at Esporta are simply beautiful. We see many with bright, big windows to let light in during your workout.
What types of pools does Esporta have?

Pools at Esporta are indoor, and are setup with 3-swim lanes in width. This makes it easy for swimmers to get "laps" in, heading back and forth with their own dedicated areas.

Typically, their pools are next to the whirlpool and/or hot tubs. Makes sense as these aqua amenities are used often at the same time. 

Locations at Esporta may also feature aqua classes:

  • Aqua Fit - a challenging water workout for all ages. Great if you have joint pain or injuries. You'll use your body weight and/or water dumbbells to workout. Awesome cardio and resistance training that lasts about 50 minutes.

Are the pools heated?

Yes, heated to approximately 80ºF (27ºC) to 84ºF. Do know that temps will vary from location to location. With the majority (if not all) Esporta pools indoors, that means year-round warm temp swimming.

What size are the pools at Esporta?

Depending on the location, you'll see different lengths and (swim lane) widths. is reporting their Cherry Hill location to 25m in length, at 3-lanes wide. They also have their Fountain Valley location at 20m in length, 3-lanes wide.

Esporta simply labels their pools as "Junior Olympic size" all with 3-lanes.  

Indoor, heated pool goodness at Esporta. Plus, multiple swim lanes with pools that are around 25m in length.

What about steam, sauna and hot tub at Esporta Fitness?

We have dedicated pages on Esporta's steam and sauna offerings, but making a note here as well.

  • There are 136 Esporta locations with a pool
  • 114 of those have a sauna 
  • 100 of those have a hot tub
  • 0 locations have a steam room! 

You can see how Esporta groups aqua amenities together: both for the benefit of their members, and maintenance/servicing costs. Those who use the pool likely use the sauna as well, and it's a huge benefit to you to use both spaces in a single gym visit. 

Gotta applaud Esporta on this awesome approach.

Wrapping up

By the numbers, Esporta is one of the largest gym-with-pool providers in the nation. A stunning 96% of their locations offer up a pool. Plus, their pools are heated and built for exercise with swim lanes. Group fitness is available, but just features a single class, Aqua Fit. Finally, excellent overall experiences for aqua-enthusiasts, as Esporta groups their sauna-hot-tub-and-pools together. 

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